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Hearts of Stone

Be a Hero: Become a Reader Warrior

Did you know you can now become a member of the Ó Mordha tribe? Join my Reader Warriors scheme and you'll become one of us. You won't need a longsword... but it may come in handy on the battlefield.

Get a free copy of Hearts of Stone, the prequel story to the Ailigh Wars Saga absolutely free when you join. You won't find this story anywhere else.

Before the war – Before Áed and Rónán – Join Áed's parents, Airic and Doirean, and find out just how many hearts were really made of stone.

When you join, you'll be able to drink wine from your enemies skulls... and you'll get one email every month with exclusive content, the latest updates on my forthcoming titles, and a seat at the king's counsel.

Go on – the Ó Mordha king commands it!

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