The Best Historical Fantasy Fiction for October 2021

Now that Halloween is behind us, we can forget those extra pounds we put on from all that tasty candy and settle down with a good book.

But what to read? Below, I’ve put together a rundown of what I personally think were the best historical fantasy novels that came out in October 2021.

I don’t list Stone Soul on this page, because that would be cheating, right? (Even if I do think it’s an awesome book.) So let’s jump straight into it. My best historical fantasy novels of October 2021.

The New Kingdom
Wilbur Smith

In the heart of Egypt, Under the watchful eye of the gods, A new power is rising.

I have to be honest, I’ve not read much of Wilbur Smith’s books, and I’m shocked to say it out loud. His name has been on my radar since I was a child, but never enough that I picked up his titles. I’ve always found Wilbur Smith book covers to be very dull and drab. But you know what they say: never judge a book by its cover – that was my own mistake.

Maybe this one stands out because it’s written by Wilbur Smith… with Mark Chadbourn. In these cases, I can never tell how much the to-billed author wrote, but in any case, this ancient Egypt tale is a rip-roaring ride. The lead character, Hui, is endearing as he attempts to right familiar wrongs.

The Bear of Britain
Steven A McKay


AD 432. Britain. The winter snows are melting at last, but spring will bring more than just rebirth this year. The Saxons are coming, and that means war…

This is book four in a series that started with The Druid and has been a firm favourite of mine since then. Steven A McKay is, I believe, a Scottish writer. When The Druid came out, I was captivated (mainly because the connection to the druids, which I have great care for).

Although the majority of my knowledge of this time period is concentrated on Ireland, I see vast similarities with early Britain. A joyous series with some characters you really want to hate but can’t help but love them anyway.

That’s it for October 2021. I was hoping for a few more titles that came out in the same month, but there weren’t any I feel worth mentioning. Maybe one month is too restrictive? What do you think? Maybe I should do this quarterly instead of monthly? Drop me a message and let me know.

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Peter J Merrigan
Peter J Merrigan was first published at the age of 17 in the Simon & Schuster anthology, Children of the Troubles. He has studied extensively and maintains a passion for pre-Christian Ireland. He is the author of the Ailigh Wars Saga novels, set in Iron Age Ireland.