Stone Forged

Stone Forged

Two years ago, they ended an invasion. Now, they must prevent an uprising.

When peace is shattered by a southern king, the northern Ó Mordha tribesmen must once again join the fight.

As the freed invaders amass at the seat of the High King, they are intent on extending their reign to the northern tribelands to rule all of Ireland.

The Ó Mordha king, Keeper of the North, whose grief for his dead companion is still too raw, must set aside his mourning and strike out to stop the ruthless invaders in their tracks.

The stunning follow-up to STONE HEART, book 2 of the Ailigh Wars Saga will have you thirsty for blood.

The omens are bad. A new war approaches.

Publisher: Nightsgale Books; 1st Edition (June 2020)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Page Count: 412 pages
ISBN: 978-1916383807

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