Ailigh Wars Saga

Ireland . . . Where legends are born.

The epic saga starts here.

Stone Heart

Book 1 in the Ailigh Wars Saga

Ireland, 279 BC. A nation at war. For two boys, it will be gruelling. For Ireland . . . it will be bloody.

When the first raiding skirmishes of a foreign army are crushed and Ireland mourns her dead, one king knows their newfound peace is destined to fail. As Overking of Ailigh, Keeper of the North, he calls for the boys of his Celtic tribes to train as formidable warriors under his command.

For Áed, it begins as a fantastical quest. For Rónán, it helps him escape a cruel chieftain. Together, they must train and grow in strength and might. And when the invading army returns, a nation goes to war, united under one banner.

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Stone Forged

Book 2 in the Ailigh Wars Saga

Two years ago, they ended an invasion. Now, they must prevent an uprising.

When peace is shattered by a southern king, the northern Ó Mordha tribesmen must once again join the fight.

As the freed invaders amass at the seat of the High King, they are intent on extending their reign to the northern tribelands to rule all of Ireland.

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Stone Soul

Book 3 in the Ailigh Wars Saga

One vengeful Queen... And all of Ireland at stake.

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